What's Soda Nikka

Soda Nikka

- Quick Introduction to Soda Nikka -

Here we provide a quick introduction to Soda Nikka, ideal for those learning about the company for the first time, covering our origins and current business operations through to our long-term vision.



Soda Nikka has helped provide a stable supply of chemical products since World War II and contributed to the industrial development of Japan.

The company was established in 1947 as Soda Shoji Co., Ltd., with capital of 180,000 yen and 16 employees, by a powerful group after the dissolution of a special company, formed through the merger of Sarashiko Hanbai Co., Ltd. and Nihon Anmonia-ho Soda Hanbai Co., Ltd., that had controlled the sale of soda products before the War. In April 1979, Soda Shoji merged with Kansai-based Shinnikka Sangyou Co., Ltd. to become Soda Nikka.


The Role of Soda Nikka

Soda Nikka aims to help provide a more abundant life for all.

Of all the things created by humankind, chemical products in all their diversity play a more important role than anything else to support people's lifestyles. Soda Nikka's mission is to ensure a stable supply of these chemical products and to support the development and delivery of new materials to help build abundant societies for all.


Strengths and Business Model

Our business is centered on the dual segments of chemicals and functional materials and leverages three strengths.

We respond to various industry needs, leveraging the following strengths: Robust business base, fields where we have a competitive advantage, and emerging businesses in areas with growth potential (environmental and disaster preparedness). With the concept of bridging the environment and chemistry, we do business centered on the dual segments of chemicals and functional materials.





Long-Term Vision

“Go forward”: Striving to solve problems faced by our customers and society through all functions from products to services related to chemical and functional products

As the pace of industrial change accelerates around the world, companies will face difficulties to survive in dramatically changing or growing markets if they continue to rely on outdated concepts and approaches to business. Based on this concept ion, Soda Nikka has formulated a long-term vision with a focus on future economic and industrial trends. The key word in this long-term vision is “aggressive.” While promoting our own transformation, we will utilize the strengths we have acquired in the process. As “a coordinator of better society with chemical industry”, we aim to improving our business values and social values through addressing social issues together with our business partners and local communities.