Our vision of Long term


Long-Term Vision

Go forward

We aim to be a company that contribute to solving problems faced by our customers and society through all functions from products to services related to chemical and functional products

As the pace of industrial change accelerates around the world, companies will face difficulties to survive in dramatically changing or growing markets if they continue to rely on outdated concepts and approaches to business. Based on this concept, Soda Nikka has formulated a long-term vision with a focus on future economic and industrial trends. The key word in this long-term vision is “aggressive.” While promoting our own transformation, we will utilize the strengths we have acquired in the process. As “a coordinator of better society with chemical industry”, we aim to improving our business values and social values through addressing social issues together with our business partners and local communities. In addition, as we work to realize this vision, we will create working environments that help all our employees fulfill their dreams and be worthy of the trust placed in us by our stakeholders.

Medium-Term Management Plan

Go forward STAGE 3

STAGE 3, which runs for four years between fiscal 2023 and fiscal 2026, is positioned as a period to fulfill “the transformation” to build up a new trajectory for growth that will lead to rapid progress in the future.

Fundamental Policy

Fulfill “the transformation” to build up a new trajectory for growth that will lead to rapid progress in the future.

  • Sharpen the ability to interact with the market in accordance with the characteristics of each business in order to view the external environment, such as the trend toward an emphasis on sustainability, as an opportunity and to link it to further growth.
  • Draft and promote Human resource strategy and Financial strategy that reinforce new challenges of evolving into a company resolves social issues.
“Go forward STAGE3”Priority strategies
  • Foundation business (wholesales and trading of chemicals and functional materials)

    Promote three themes through a conbination of market oriented concept (prioritizing customer needs) and product-out concept

  • Packaging and advanced materials business

    Taking advantage of our unique position as an independent trading company that combines the functions of a film converter and a wholesaler, we aim to establish a position in the domestic market and develop overseas business

  • Solution provider business

    Establish an unique position in the market of OEM/ODM of commodities, cosmetics, foods by making use of our advantage that we are able to provide an integrated service from product planning to raw material proposal and supply

  • HR strategy

    • Change the mindset to be “aggressive”
    • Optimize HR portfolio to achieve the strategy
    • Promote diversity
  • Financial strategy

    • Pursue improvement of corporate value through a financial strategy that balances soundness, profitability, shareholder returns, and investment for growth
    • Review and develop business management and performance management to instill high awareness of capital efficiency management into employees
  • Overseas business: Promote themes included in each business above

  • Initiatives for social issues: Take change of the external environment an opportunity and connect it to growth of business

FY2026 Numeric Targets

Consolidated profit ROE Dividend payout ratio
¥2.0 billion At least 8.0% At least 40%