Message from the President

As a bridge between social and chemistry,
Soda Nikka will make great contributions to solving social issues.

Ryuji Mezaki,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Soda Nikka Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 as a vendor for soda products. In the past over 70 years, we have developed into a trading company specializing in a wide range of chemical products, from basic raw materials to functional products. Not only having fulfilled our mission as a trading company to "ensure a stable supply" and "create new values", but we have also become a corporate group with a wide range of functions such as logistics bases, manufacturing facilities, and overseas networks.
On the other hand, looking at the current social situation, we are facing a turning point in history with the acceleration of carbon neutral solutions, the production rationalization in the domestic manufacturing industry and the utilization of digital technology in transactions. In order to achieve further sustainable growth while under such a rapidly changing social environment, we have set a long-term vision called “Go forward” until fiscal year 2030. According to this long-term vision, we will contribute to solving social issues as a "coordinator between society and chemistry industry" and aim for further development towards creating an "affluent and sustainable society."
During the third stage of this long-term vision from fiscal year 2023 to fiscal year 2026, we are working on the four-year medium-term management plan "Go forward STAGE 3". Under the theme of “Transformation” to create a new growth trajectory, we put greater emphasis on dialogue with customers and markets, and strive to enhance our company functions such as providing products and services that will be required in the coming era.
Furthermore, we consider environmental contribution activities, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), compliance and governance as one of the most significant managerial issues. We are committed to conducting ESG-focused management and earning the trust from our stakeholders by enhancing both financial and non-financial aspects.

April 1, 2023

Ryuji Mezaki
President and Chief Executive Officer
Soda Nikka Co., Ltd.