Our strong point and Business model


Strengths and Business Model

Features of Our Business

Since our establishment in 1947, we have harnessed our strengths as an independent trading company specializing in chemicals to meet the myriad needs of a range of industries. With our nationwide network of offices and a rich track record of successful business with many customers and suppliers, we will continue to address these comprehensive needs.

With the concept of bridging the environment and chemistry, we do business centered on the dual segments of chemicals and functional materials.

Feature 1. Robust Business Base

  1. Nationwide sales network that enables immediate responses to customer needs

    Offices and Affiliated Companies

  2. Access to products from nearly all chemical manufacturers
  3. Business relationships with all electrolysis companies (caustic soda manufacturers)
  4. Wide range of products handled, allowing us to meet myriad customer needs
  5. Numerous customers and business dealings with high-level companies in all industries, providing a stable business platform

Feature 2. Fields where we have a competitive advantage

  1. Top-class share of caustic soda sales in Japan
  2. Strengths in films and soft packaging materials
  3. Capable of all stages from planning to production of packaging materials, covering from raw films through to finished products
  4. Tailored response to customer needs via four Chemical Centers across the country

    Chemical Centers

Feature 3. Emerging businesses in areas with growth potential (environment and disaster preparedness)

  1. Recycling business operations

    Recycling Business

  2. Strengths in environmental engineering products for soil stabilization (such as anti-liquefaction)

  3. EcoAction 21 certified

Strengths and Business Model

As a specialized chemicals trading company that handles soda products as well as inorganic/organic chemicals, petrochemical products, and synthetic resin products, our business model allows us to respond to customer needs in an environmentally friendly way.

We are an independent trading company specializing in chemicals that strives to provide stable supplies of chemical products and functional materials for industrial development in Japan and overseas. As industry structures change, we anticipate customer needs and apply our experience and know-how as a specialized trading company to deliver new raw materials. Regarding distribution, which is a function that underpins the trading business, we have a logistics network that covers all of Japan and are strengthening distribution functions overseas as well in order to promptly deliver the right quantity at the right time to our customers.

Business Fields

Business Fields
Chemicals Business

Mostly sells inorganic and organic chemicals on the chemicals, paper pulp, food/detergent, public agency, and other markets.

Functional Materials Business
Functional Materials Business

Mostly sells synthetic resins and equipment/materials on the food, resin treatment, electrical machinery, and other markets.


Includes subsidiary operations.

Basic Business Model

Direct Sales Utilizing Our Trading Company Functions

For staple products and fixed regular customers, we ensure stable supplies and quality by developing systems that bring together customers and manufacturers to increase the efficiency of order management and product delivery.

Basic Business Model

Recycling Business Model

Secondary Use for Environmentally Friendly Resource Saving

The use of chemical products and functional materials can generate byproducts or used chemical waste. Soda Nikka has built a business to use these waste materials for new product creation.

Recycling Business Model

Manufacturing Sales Business Model

Sales of Products Planned and Designed Using Our Specialist Expertise

To respond to increasingly diverse customer needs, we have developed a business model whereby Soda Nikka defines the product specifications, procures the necessary raw materials, and then contracts manufacturing out to a manufacturer.

Manufacturing Sales  Business Model

Chemical Center Business Model

Regionally Tailored Sales Utilizing Our Nationwide Sites

In regions where we have numerous regular customers of varying sizes and with diverse needs, we utilize our Chemical Centers for inventory functions, manufacturing, concentration adjustments, or subdividing.

Chemical Center Business Model