Our Businesses

Since our establishment in 1947, we have harnessed our strengths as an independent trading company specializing in chemicals to meet the myriad needs of a range of industries. With our nationwide network of offices and a rich track record of successful business with many customers and suppliers, we will continue to address these comprehensive needs.

With the concept of bridging the environment and chemistry, we do business centered on the dual segments of chemicals and functional materials. We will continue to build on our experience, tackling new domains in our role as a specialized trading company.

A rich track record with all Japanese manufacturers in our mainstay soda products

As our company name suggests, our main business is the sale of soda products. With these products, we have worked with every manufacturer in Japan, meeting a diverse range of customer needs.

A deep pool of customers and suppliers, and a wealth of accumulated expertise

We handle a wide variety of chemical products and therefore deal with a great many business partners. This has generated new expertise and insights, elevating our specialist capabilities as a trading company specializing in chemicals.

A nationwide network built around our Chemical Centers

We have established a nationwide network with four Chemical Centers located throughout Japan. These centers handle inventories, subdividing goods, and other operations. These centers give us rapid response capability, addressing needs of major manufacturers and other companies doing business over a large area (i.e., those who maintain a production base network).

Strong business relationships with a number of leading firms across many industries

Thanks to our long-cultivated trust relationships, we have frequent business dealings with leading firms in various industries, ensuring consistent transaction volumes for raw materials. Our well-diversified supply chain leads to stable supply to our customers.

Chemicals Business

This business is focused on inorganic and organic chemicals, including soda products made from the natural resource salt, as well as petrochemical products.

Functional Materials Business

In the functional materials area, we not only sell various resin materials, but also accept orders for product design, mold fabrication, and product assembly. In the area of packaging-related materials, we offer our customers base materials and designs, including for the overall packaging.

Overseas Business

In addition to importing and exporting a variety of products, we are also active in helping our customers expand their businesses overseas and discovering unique products that can succeed in these overseas markets, thereby meeting the needs of our customers.

Chemical Centers

Our Chemical Centers were established to help meet customer needs and contribute to stable supply.